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Comfort Club

With a Comfort Club Membership from Dahlquist Heating & Cooling, rest assured that you'll receive top quality service and professionalism every time a technician visits your home.

Here's why a Comfort Club Membership for your home comfort system makes sense:

10% Discount on any needed repairs at your home

Priority Service $89.95 Call Out Fee is waived for any after-hours service calls

Your Comfort Club Membership can either be transferred to your new home or to the buyer of the home you are selling

Better energy efficiency: When you're paying for a maintenance agreement, you're more likely to schedule and annual service call. This is the same as having your car tuned up and it's oil changed, giving your HVAC system the preventative maintenance it needs to stay in top working condition. Routine maintenance will ensure optimum efficiency all year long.

Lower energy bills: The greatest impact of improved enery efficiency is its proven ability to lower your monthly utility bills.

Improved comfort: Better efficiency also helps keep your home more comfortable on the hottest summer days or the coldest winter nights. With improved comfort, you don't waste your time thinking about your homes comfort.

Fewer expensive repairs: A membership ensures a professional is watching over your system, a professional who can spot problems in their early phases. This prevents expensive repairs from becoming necessary, which saves time and prevents frustration.

System longevity: Spotting problems as they form also helps prevent your system from becoming damaged. A well-cared-for system lasts years longer than a neglected one.

Peace of mind: Without HVAC expertise you might not know weather a strange sound or abnormal performance is something to worry about. Having a maintenance agreement makes service calls more affordable thus preventing you from ignoring small issues so a professional can check them out and make necessary repairs or adjustments. This grants you the peace of mind you need to stop worrying about your HVAC equipment.

Comfort Club Memberships start at $12.95/month + tax, but can vary depending on your home's location and covered equipment. You can choose which appliances you would like covered under the membership, each additional piece of equipment gets you a better rate. Once your payments are all in, we contact you to schedule your service. There is no money due at time of service unless filter/repairs/parts/additional things are needed.

Payment options: Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually and Yearly. These can be done of a Credit or Debit Card.

For more information or to begin your Comfort Club Membership, call us today at 715-361-2798